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Will Smith Reportedly Told Eminem, "You'll Either Be The Biggest ...

May 22, 2013 . In the first single to Eminem's sophomore major label album, "The . to a Grammy speech Smith made at the 1998 Grammy Awards where the .

The 13 Most Controversial Grammy Award Moments (LIST) | Global ...

Feb 8, 2013 . With the Grammy Awards only hours away, GlobalGrind decided to . In protest to the Grammys bad habit of cutting artists acceptance speeches short, . Controversial rapper Eminem career was at an all time high in 2001.

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Great Grammy Moments: Eminem And Elton John Bury The Hatchet

Feb 11, 2011 . The 53rd Grammy Awards are upon us, and music's biggest, most . and potential acceptance speeches from the likes of Eminem, Lady Gaga, .

Eminem Wins Grammy Award 2011 Best Rap Album - YouTube

Sep 20, 2011 . Eminem Wins Grammy Award 2011 Best Rap Album.


Eminem Told Drake 'Don't Get Nervous' About Grammy Performance ...

Feb 1, 2010 . Drake talked to us about his Grammy performance with Eminem and Lil Wayne and . Drake said at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards on Sunday (January 31). . "Em gave me probably one of the best speeches ... not really a .

Grammys 2011: Eminem's rage is towering but is it righteous ...

Feb 14, 2011 . Michael P Jeffries: Once again, Eminem's raw emotional power has been rewarded at the Grammys – but perhaps at the expense of black .

43rd Annual GRAMMY Awards | GRAMMY.com

GRAMMY Live . 43rd Annual GRAMMY Awards . And when Eminem first took to the stage for his acceptance speech for the Best Rap Album Grammy for The .

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Steely Dan Steals Grammys From Eminem, 'N Sync - ABC News

Though Eminem won three Grammys at the ceremony, The Marshall Mathers LP . years and six albums to get here," she quipped in her acceptance speech), .

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When Roman Met Marshall: Nicki Minaj And Eminem At The Grammys

Feb 14, 2011. in return as he made way to deliver a heartfelt acceptance speech. The past three years of the annual Grammy Awards have been highlighted . Last year Lil Wayne and then newcomer Drake rocked with Eminem just a few .

  • Grammy Awards Best Rap Album Winners 1996 - 2007

    2003 - Eminem - The Eminem Show. Grammy Awards Best Rap Album Winners. 2003 - Eminem - The Eminem Show. Eminem's win for Best Rap Album in 2004 .

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Eminem wins at the Grammys | Mail Online - Daily Mail

Rapper Eminem walked away with three gongs at the American Grammy awards last night, despite heavy pressure on organisers from American gay rights .

Watch "The Grammys: Quentin Tarantino's Introduction" Video at ...

Now Playing: The Grammys: Quentin Tarantino's Introduction. Quentin Tarantino chooses an odd inflection as he introduces Eminem, Drake, and Lil' Wayne.

Eminem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eminem won Grammy Awards for both Relapse and Recovery, giving him a total of . to Eminem and the protesters invading while Bush was giving a speech.

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Grammy Awards: News & Videos about Grammy Awards - CNN.com

A TV news reporter for a Los Angeles station was doing an on-camera report on the Grammy Awards Sunday night, and suddenly her speech became garbled.

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Eminem's Message About the World in Which We Live - The Witness

But we must all realize, however, that there is a causal relationship between hate speech and hate crimes. Moreover, with three Grammys on Eminem's shelf, .

Eminem Grabs Spotlight, but Steely Dan Wins Best Album - New ...

Feb 22, 2001 . The top winner when the 43rd annual Grammy Awards were . and also for what it isn't,'' Eminem said in an acceptance speech before going .

What's The Most WTF Moment in Grammy History? - Popdust

Feb 6, 2012 . Throughout its history, the Grammy Awards have witnessed moments that . doubly so when given the task of delivering a televised speech on his behalf. . In a year that Eminem managed to take hip-hop even further towards .

Grammy Awards: The Most Shocking Moments in the Show's History ...

Long after the final statuettes has found their way into the hands .


VIDEO: Grammy Awards best performances ever! Just Sayin' - 3am ...

Feb 8, 2013 . It's the 55th Grammy Awards, so you're pretty much required to watch . The best Grammy Awards performances of all time: Adele, Eminem, Kanye . Awards dig at Harry Styles, Ben Affleck's perfect BAFTA speech and more!

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Grammy Moments - HubPages

Mar 6, 2008 . In 2008, the Grammy Awards celebrated their 50th year. With such a . When Sinatra accepts the Grammy, he himself starts rambling and gets his speech abruptly cut off. . Grammy Moments With Eminem and Elton John .

Kimberley Anne Mathers and eminem grammy awards speech Bruce Mathers III

Will Eminem recover his Grammy glory? - today > entertainment ...

Feb 7, 2011 . Eminem, Jay-Z, Cee Lo Green, John Legend and a couple of Ladies . 13, the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards pits last year's mega acts agai. . he went into his pocket looking for his speech and dumped out a bunch of pills.

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Backstage at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards: LAist

Feb 13, 2011 . Arcade Fire beat out Eminem, Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to . Seems the only thing easy to predict when it comes to The Grammys is that . In their acceptance speech, Lady A expresses disbelief that they're .


Best & Worst Grammy Performances: Lady Gaga! Katy Perry! Justin ...

Feb 13, 2011 . Unlike the Academy Awards, and all those other shows about speeches and winning the office pool, the Grammy telecast can't possibly focus .

  • Grammys' 10 Most Shocking Moments | Billboard

    Feb 7, 2013 . Did Elton John turn a blind, queer eye at the 2001 Grammys when he . accused homophobe Eminem for a rendition of the rapper's nominated "Stan"? . to the stage and defended his Clan during an acceptance speech for a .

  • Madd Mad Eminem, Antegagum and Other 2011 Grammy Highlights ...

    Feb 14, 2011 . The musical performances at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards were great, but . In her acceptance speech, Lady Gaga astonishingly credited .

  • Eminem: Grammy's Homecoming Queen? | The Nation

    Jul 9, 2001 . Where are all the Grammys for consciousness-raising albums by Bob . Like Greene's speech, Grammy's ultimate judgment on Eminem deftly .

Metroactive Music | Eminem

His much-hyped appearance at this year's Grammy Awards show last Wednesday was a case in point. In his acceptance speech for "best rap album," Eminem .


The 7 Most Unforgivable Grammy Award Snubs of All Time ...

Feb 6, 2008 . When our band finally gets big and wins a Grammy award (and it's just a . of giving Eminem the Album of the Year award (at the time he was .


Do Words Hurt: A Guide for Discussing Eminem and the Grammys ...

Feb 14, 2001 . Do Words Hurt: A Guide for Discussing Eminem and the Grammys with . for exploring the topic of hate speech in polular music with students.

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  • Top Ten Most Memorable Grammy Moments - Access Hollywood

    Jan 29, 2010 . The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards air this Sunday, January 31. . Milli Vanilli, to Jennifer Hudson and Eminem with Elton John…. who will be #1? . acceptance speech lands itself in our most memorable Grammy moments.

  • Grammys 2011: Lady Gaga Thanks Whitney Houston in Acceptance ...

    Feb 14, 2011 . Grammys 2011: Lady Gaga Thanks Whitney Houston in Acceptance Speech. . moments of the Grammy Awards 2011: during her acceptance speech for Best Pop . Grammys 2011: Eminem, Dr. Dre Put on Epic Performance .

  • This year's Grammys favor music over awards - USATODAY.com

    Feb 10, 2011. to the 3½-hour Grammy Awards will be spared endless podium speeches and . Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich, left, Martina McBride, Jennifer Hudson, . his Grammy stage debut to premiere I Need a Doctor with Eminem.

  • Grammys Backlash: 10 Artists Who Are Over The Awards Show ...

    Feb 9, 2012. heavyweights Lady Gaga, Eminem and Katy Perry for Album of the . He told the paper that in the event he ever won a Grammy award he would accept it but offer this speech: “Everyone should go home, this is ridiculous.

  • Eminem Quotes

    "I think my first album opened a lot of doors for me to push the freedom of speech to the limit." . If there is just one award show you don`t go to you gonna look ungrateful. . The grammy`s are about as far as I`m goin` go outside my element.

  • Eminem - Awards Tracker - latimes.com

    Feb 17, 2011 . Around the Awards Track: Eminem expects to lose at Grammys | BAFTA predictions | Oscar voters drunk on 'King's Speech'? February 9, 2011 .

  • Eminem has the balls to say what.. – Eminem - Rolling Stone Entry

    Artists like Eminem who use their free speech to get a point across are vitally . When Eminem and I did "Stan" at the Grammys in 2001, we got together to .

  • Grammy Awards' Most Controversial Moments - Eminem, Jennifer ...

    Feb 10, 2012 . Grammy Awards' Most Controversial Moments - Eminem, Jennifer . sit through hours of dull speeches before the good awards get handed out.

  • Top Ten Grammy Award Moments : Shockya.com

    Feb 10, 2013 . The Internet is buzzing with its fair share of past Grammy Award . Still bitter about Eminem's “Recovery” snubbed for “Album of The . While the Jacksons' speech was moving, their very public appearance left me bewildered.

  • Eminem & Elton John 2001 Grammy Performance - Everything2.com

    Had I taped the show I could transcribe the speech here, but really, who gives a fuck about the Grammys? But back to the topic at hand. We have Eminem .

  • Said It - Featured Article: Media Glance: Silence! Let Eminem Rage ...

    As Melissa Etheridge, the hippest gay woman at the Grammys, assured them, . and how speech is linked to hate violence, you're basically telling Eminem to .

  • Grammy Awards: Eminem and Justin Bieber lose out - Telegraph

    Feb 14, 2011 . The 53rd Grammy Awards produced several surprise results last . including Justin Bieber and Eminem losing out to lesser-known acts. . In a stunned acceptance speech, she said: "I take this honor to heart so sincerely”.

  • Rihanna, Eminem, Dr Dre & Skylar Gray Grammy Performance ...

    Feb 14, 2011 . Tags: drake, eminem, grammy awards, grammys, Performance, rihanna, skylar . Overall at least Em got to do an exception speech on live T.V. .

  • Grammy Awards - Orange County - OC Weekly

    Dave Grohl Clarifies His Grammys Speech. ?"Rather . Need You Now, Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster, Eminem's Recovery and Katy Perry's Teenage Dream .

  • It Takes Tolerance to Listen to a Really Bad Speech – Brian.Carnell ...

    Feb 22, 2001 . It Takes Tolerance to Listen to a Really Bad Speech . I'd tune into the end of the Grammy awards to see Eminem perform with Elton John.

  • Grammy Awards 2011: Winners List - Huffington Post

    Feb 13, 2011 . The 53rd annual Grammy Awards take place Sunday night and plenty of gramophones are being handed out. Eminem leads all nominees with .

  • Grammys - Full Coverage of the 2012 Grammy Awards

    Mar 3, 2013 . Full coverage of the 2012 Grammys including Grammy pics, Grammy . Stage Crashers: Adele's Speech Not the First to Be Interrupted. Tue, 12 .

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Eminem - News - IMDb

Eminem supposedly has an album coming out in the Summer, though there's . up on stage during Will Ferrell's acceptance speech for the Comedic Genius Award. . Grammys (plus another this year making her a nine-time Grammy winner) .

Eminem - Television Tropes & Idioms

One of the best examples was by Eminem himself, in his Grammy Award . Breaking Speech: Despite name dropping Hannibal Lecter, the lecture in .

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Drake Wins Grammy Award For Best Rap Album, Takes Home First ...

Feb 10, 2013 . Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and Skrillex won three Grammys each . West or Eminem (in fact, the Jay-Z/West combo beat him out in two of .

Source: ABC News

Grammy Awards 2011: Fashion and Parties : People.com

Best & Worst of the 2011 Grammys | Gwyneth Paltrow . Eminem. Recovery. Lady Antebellum | Lady Antebellum . 2 reporter Serene Branson suddenly slurred her speech on Grammy night, but this much is known: She's feeling much better.

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Top Five Moments at MTV's VMA - TIME

Aug 30, 2002 . At last year's Grammy awards, Moby said that Eminem was a talented . Eminem won an award, stumbled during his acceptance speech, and .

Videos Tagged Eminem | The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ...

Watch all your favorite Eminem highlights from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. . and Jon's heartfelt speech after 9/11 as The Daily Show remembers 2001. . U2 may have won Grammy Awards, but the real superstar is host Jon Stewart.

100 Greatest Artists: Eminem | Rolling Stone

When Eminem and I did Stan at the Grammys in 2001, we got together to . Artists like Eminem who use their free speech to get a point across are vitally .

Top 5 Most Shocking Grammy Moments | Neon Tommy

Feb 10, 2012 . Elton John joined Eminem for a 2001 Grammy performance despite accusations . for interrupting Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards, another star rapper turned heads for crashing an acceptance speech in 1998.

Metro Detroit Represented At Grammy Awards « CBS Detroit

Feb 14, 2011 . While Rapper Eminem started the Grammys as the top nominee with 10 . at right now; what it's doing,” Eminem said in his acceptance speech.

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Eminem's F-Word Escapes CBS Censors At Grammys | News | BET

Feb 14, 2011 . Eminem's f-word escapes CBS censors at Grammys. . "Holy Sh*t" during her acceptance speech and renaming Cee-Lo's Grammy-nominated .

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LL Cool J Gets Personal With Inspiring Welcome Speech at 2013 ...

Feb 10, 2013 . Instead of jokes and parodies as other award shows tend to do, LL Cool J . Watch LL Cool J's 2013 Grammy Awards Welcome Speech .